"Revolutionary" TV Series about the Life of Jesus

A new 10-part series called Revolutionary is premiering on Hope Channel on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 4 pm ADT, with weekly broadcasts in the same time slot. 

Revolutionary seeks to explore Jesus in a different way through two unique perspectives. The first is set in Israel, following Oleg Kostyuk as he uncovers who Jesus really was by bringing his 1st century world to life. The second is set in New York, following Sergio Gonzalez as he explores how this first century man could still possibly be relevant to us in the 21st century. These two journeys intertwine to form one story, filled with ancient discoveries and modern connections, creating a new and dynamic picture of Jesus that speaks directly to us today.

The goal of this series is to invite people to see Jesus in a new way, and provoke interest in the new perspective of Jesus. With each episode, Hope Channel aims to help viewers turn to the gospels and other programs as they continue to dive into the life of Jesus. Revolutionary challenges you to set aside everything you think you know of Jesus, look at who He really was and how that matters now. Each episode will explore different aspects of who Jesus was.

You can watch the series on-demand at HopeTV.org/Revolutionary, or watch them with the Hope Channel app for Roku, Apple, and Android.