Gifts from ADRA's Catalogue

Thank you all for supporting the ADRA gift catalogue this December!

ADRA sent us a catalogue of items you could give as a gift to help make a difference in people's lives.  Many of us wanted to pool our money in order to get some larger items that we couldn't get individually. 

On the last Sabbath of December, we discussed the possibilities of what we could give as gifts from our church for $940, the total that had been given at that point in time.  We settled on three plastic greenhouses that would help some families grow food for a longer period of time in controlled conditions.  We were just a bit short of the $975 needed for the three greenhouses, but some gave an extra bit to make sure we got the greenhouses.  The extra amount given covered not just the three greenhouses, but was even enough to get a fruit tree to go with them! 

Thanks to your generosity during the Christmas, we collected a total of $1,015 to help people through ADRA Canada.

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