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Community Family Project

We at the Maranatha church have been presented with an opportunity to help a family and the children they are taking care of.  Two years ago, Josh & Sarah received a call from their extended family that changed their lives.  They have two children of their own, but suddenly found themselves looking after another four more children.  They knew looking after the children and keeping them together was the right thing to do.  With six children under 10 years of age, it wasn't long before Sarah had to quit her job to stay home and look after them.  While finances have been tight, they continued to put their faith and trust in God to provide.

During this time, Social Services has been involved.  However, because the four children were staying with their extended family, their support has been limited.  Now, Social Services has deemed that the time has come to take the next official step and pursue foster care for the children.  They do recognize, though, that it would be detrimental to the children's well-being to be taken from a stable home where they are loved, to be possibly separated from each other.  They are willing to allow the children to remain with Josh & Sarah if their home can qualify as a foster home.  Unfortunately, their home currently does not meet the requirements for foster care.

With a couple of rooms added to the basement, separate beds for the children, and some other minor renovations, Josh & Sarah will be able to pass the inspection and have the children remain in their present loving home.  It is their deepest desire to be able to keep these four children who they have come to think of their own.

We've done a preliminary assessment to see what we need to do.  We know that some physical items (such as bedroom furniture) will be needed after the renovations, but for now we are focusing on the renovation work to add to the necessary rooms for the children.